Cute Cultures I made for the Supahcute Science Fair at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland.

Swish I’m A Fish! for the Golden Books Tribute Show at Gallery Nucleus.

Finished my last piece of 2013!!

I made a portrait of our family for my wife.

Here are the covers I illustrated for the Marigold series of books by Jean Ferris. I’m really proud of these covers. I love illustrating type!! Much thanks to the wonderful AD of Elizabeth Tardiff!!

I had the amazing opportunity to work with the company So Awesome on one of their new card sets. I illustrated the Go! set, 13 cards all about moving around in the world. It was so much fun to work on. They are both educational and they look so awesome! You can purchase them here.

itsautomaticstop asked: Your work is amazing. Where do you sell your stuff?

Thank you so much for the kind words!! I have a store here.

My Post Its for Giant Robot’s annual Post It show!!!

Made this for Becky and Frank’s Monster Milk Funnies Zine. Two of my favorites growing up.